Thursday, 1 October 2015

The Feeling Sorry For Myself Post...

Tomorrow morning,
 I will go to the hospital
 and have a CT scan 
of my colon.

I have not slept since
 3:30 last night,
 and I am of course 
completely exhausted...
 But I have no other choise,
 because I have to go to the 
"loo" almost all the time,
 right now about 
every five minutes...

Of course, I think it is good that
 I will be examined thoroughly tomorrow,
 but I can not say that I look forward to it, 
partly because it will feel uncomfortable,
 but also because I am worried and nervous 
that they will find something 
"dangerous" in my stomach...

I have had problems with 
my stomach almost my entire life, 
but at the end of last year it became 
so bad that I could not stand it anymore.

I just want to find out 
it is that is wrong, 
and what can be done about it.
Even if it would mean that I will 
end up having a colostomy bag on my stomach,
it is still better than feeling like I do now.

So please send me 
some positive energy, 
because I really need it!


Jenny Minerva


Meagan Kyla said...

Good luck dear! I hope you find some answers and some relief!

Gothic Minerva said...

Thank you sweetie <3