Sunday, 18 October 2015

Health Update...

2 weeks after my CT Scan,
I got a letter from my doctor,
who wrote that they didn´t 
find anything that did not
look normal!

Good news of course...
BUT it does not take
away my symptoms 
and problems with
my poor tummy...

It also seems that I
(as usual)
have to find the reason
for my health issues

Some say that the
health care in 
Sweden is 
SO fantastic...
but I do NOT!!!

The next step for me
is to try a medicine
that contains enzymes.

This is the one that
I will buy:

It contains 10 enzymes,
that will hopefully
 help my stomach
to digest the food better.

I am really hoping 
that this will work!

And if it does...
perhaps I can start
calling myself a 

Jenny Minerva

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