Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Yarn Fall Tutorial

So I promised you a tutorial
on how to make yarn falls.

I don´t know if you have
any interest in it...
but I wanted to make
one anyway..!

 Step 1:
Put up a piece of 
string/ribbon/lace/yarn etc.
I prefer to use fake suede string,
but I didn´t have anymore left,
so I used a rather silky
string that was in the 
package with my 
Babyliss Twist Secret.

Step 2:
Cut the yarn 
in the lenght
that you desire.
I wanted my "dreads"
to be short,
so I cut 2 pieces of yarn
at 50 cm each,
this gives me dreads
that are 25 cm each,
since they are folded.

Step 3:
This is how I fold
and attatch them.

Step 4:
Attach the yarn ends
to the "machine",
there might be
other brands,
but like I wrote before,
I use the one 
from Babyliss.

Step 5:
Push the button 

Step 6:
This twist them
side by side.

Step 7:
Push the button
this twists
them together.

Step 8:
Put a rubber band
at the end of each dread
to secure it.

Step 9:
Install it over ponytail!
(my own hair is peeking 
out a bit here though...)

I use 20 dreads/yarn fall.

I installed them in a similar way
as you can see in the link below,
but I did not make a bun,
just a small ponytail.


Jenny Minerva

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