Wednesday, 30 September 2015

LED Yule Tree...

Found some 
nice looking
Yule Tree´s with 
LED light on eBay.
so I bought 3.

They are 12 cm high.

Jenny Minerva

Glitter tape x 3

I am very much into glitter at the moment...
so I searched eBay for some glitter
related stuff, and found this pretty tape!

I am getting it in 3 different looks:




I think these 
will look really 
good in my home.
I know that I want to
 put them on
 shelf edges.

Jenny Minerva

Friday, 18 September 2015

$6,66 USD... all I paid
for these 

A black shoulder bag
with white stars.

I am also getting these
really funky earrings.

There is just 
about these...
I just had 
to have them..!

that there
should be an
a Bitch...
but I really
don´t care...

Have a lovely weekend!

Jenny Minerva

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Panduro Shopping!

Just ordered some
stuff from Panduro.

Most of it
was very cheap
and on sale:

"Warm Yellow"
"Mystic Blue"

"Porto Red"

Yarn to make
some more

More yarn...

Yet again
some more

...neon green yarn!

Some pretty
tissue paper

Some inspiring

Gift wrapping paper...

Craft set
to make
ballerina angels...

paper pad...

More stuff for

3D Stickers...

Paper garland/banner...



paper flowers...

nail stickers...

And finally
a free tutorial:

Jenny Minerva

Caps & Beanies...

Some eBay finds
I just bought:





Jenny Minerva

Monday, 14 September 2015

New hair color... mom dyed my hair yesterday,
the shade is called Juicy Eggplant.
Because my hair was already quite dark,
it is now a mix of burgundy, purple & black.

I also made a completely black yarn fall:

The spiral earrings
 are painted by me
with nail polish..!

The star cuff
is from eBay.

Jenny Minerva

Pentacle Earrings!

I have been looking for huge
pentacle earrings for a while,
and now I have found a pair
for a very low price on eBay:

I am getting a pair in black,
but they are also available in white:
I paid 
US $1.49


Have a lovely new week!

Jenny Minerva

Sunday, 6 September 2015

World Goddess Day!!!

I had no 
idea that this 
day even existed...
shame on ME..!

I am pagan,
I am wiccan,
and I worship
the Universe,
I worship
the God-
Father Sky
I worship 
the Goddess-
Mother Earth.

Image from:

Here is a chant
that I love & adore:

Jenny Minerva

 This morning 
I did not know 
about World Goddess Day
but for some reason
I picked this pendant
to wear for today...
very fitting with
a spiral symbol 
I think!


(From Crazy Factory)

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Last Yarn Fall Post...I think... by now 
you might be
sick & bored 
of my Yarn Fall-posts...


I just wanted to post
ONE more,
I am really happy
with how this one 
turned out.

I twisted the yarn
a bit more this time,
and there are 6 more
dreads in it:

Jenny Minerva

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


I just found 
these on eBay,
they only 
costed me
about 6 

I will NOT use 
them as tights,
I will use them
as a crop top..!

: )


They look
 so pretty
don´t they..?

Jenny Minerva

Yarn Fall Tutorial

So I promised you a tutorial
on how to make yarn falls.

I don´t know if you have
any interest in it...
but I wanted to make
one anyway..!

 Step 1:
Put up a piece of 
string/ribbon/lace/yarn etc.
I prefer to use fake suede string,
but I didn´t have anymore left,
so I used a rather silky
string that was in the 
package with my 
Babyliss Twist Secret.

Step 2:
Cut the yarn 
in the lenght
that you desire.
I wanted my "dreads"
to be short,
so I cut 2 pieces of yarn
at 50 cm each,
this gives me dreads
that are 25 cm each,
since they are folded.

Step 3:
This is how I fold
and attatch them.

Step 4:
Attach the yarn ends
to the "machine",
there might be
other brands,
but like I wrote before,
I use the one 
from Babyliss.

Step 5:
Push the button 

Step 6:
This twist them
side by side.

Step 7:
Push the button
this twists
them together.

Step 8:
Put a rubber band
at the end of each dread
to secure it.

Step 9:
Install it over ponytail!
(my own hair is peeking 
out a bit here though...)

I use 20 dreads/yarn fall.

I installed them in a similar way
as you can see in the link below,
but I did not make a bun,
just a small ponytail.


Jenny Minerva