Saturday, 11 July 2015

Panduro Shopping!!!

Panduro is an
arts & crafts shop.

I have been buying stuff
from them for several years.

We recently got a 
Panduro shop
in my home town.
I have only been there once,
and I did not buy anything.
I prefer to order from their
web shop...

This is what I am getting this time:

Yule decor
in form of a 
cute deer.

Yule decor,
santa & angel.

Fake cone to paint,
I am getting 9 cones.

White Posca pen

Pink crafts paint,
this one was on sale.
I am getting 
small jars
with this 
pink paint!

Decorative "fabric"

A jar of 

Some labels
with an 
easter theme

A tiny 
watering can,
for decor only

Some lovely tin boxes

Some fabrics

Yule wrapping paper


Jenny Minerva

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