Wednesday, 22 July 2015

And some more...


I ordered some more movies,
this time from a shop called

I got a voucher for 
50 swedish crowns
from them on my birthday,
so I decided to use it now,
to get a discount on my order. 

These are the 
ones I am getting,
and I have not seen 
any of them before,
well I might have
seen a bit on the
last one...
Best British classics: Vol 5 (5-disc)
North and South - Miniseries (2-disc)
Vanity fair (2-disc)

Svindlarens dotter (2-disc)

Sunday, 19 July 2015


I am getting all of these
movies from a Swedish
shop online called

The prizes on these
were very low!
Famous authors / Jane Austen

Famous authors / Charles Dickens

Famous authors / Brontë sisters

Northanger Abbey


He knew he was right

Silas Marner

Tess av Durberville

History of Tom Jones

Other Boleyn girl

Systrarna Bronte


Henry VIII

Great Expectations


Turn of the screw

Morden i Midsomer / Morden i Badgers Drift

Morden i Midsomer / Skrivet i blod

Jenny Minerva

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Panduro Shopping!!!

Panduro is an
arts & crafts shop.

I have been buying stuff
from them for several years.

We recently got a 
Panduro shop
in my home town.
I have only been there once,
and I did not buy anything.
I prefer to order from their
web shop...

This is what I am getting this time:

Yule decor
in form of a 
cute deer.

Yule decor,
santa & angel.

Fake cone to paint,
I am getting 9 cones.

White Posca pen

Pink crafts paint,
this one was on sale.
I am getting 
small jars
with this 
pink paint!

Decorative "fabric"

A jar of 

Some labels
with an 
easter theme

A tiny 
watering can,
for decor only

Some lovely tin boxes

Some fabrics

Yule wrapping paper


Jenny Minerva

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Gemstone Pendants!

So...I am going back to
writing in english again!

I don´t think that it really
matters in what language 
I write in since I hardly
ever gets any comments
on this blog anyway..!

; )

Anyway...I bought some pretty
gemstone pendants on ebay yesterday:

Opal Crystal

Rose Quartz

White Crystal...
I think this looks
the same as the 
Opal...doesn´t it..?

And finally a
Black Agate.


And today from
 another seller
I got these beauties:



Red Agate



Dalmatian Spot

Crystal Rock

Blue Sand

Indian Agate

And the last one...
a Green Fluorite.

Jenny Minerva