Wednesday, 8 April 2015

H&M sale!

Today I have been to town
 and shopped with my mother.
 Although we live very near the town, 
 it is still very seldom we go there.

 We now have a large mall
 with a lot of different shops,
 but also in the town in general, 
there are plenty of shops,
 most clothing stores.
 At H & M, I found this dress
 for 50 Swedish crowns, 
in their online store, 
it is however not on sale.
 but I found a lot of other things
 that I have ordered this evening:

The dress I found for only 50:-
I love it, it is SO comfy!

I used to hate lipstick
in this pale shade...
but now I kind of
like it...

Legwarmers with 
leopard print!

Jenny Minerva

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