Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Crazy Factory

For the first time, 
I have ordered from a shop called 
Crazy Factory.
I only bought "fake" jewelry.
You can find the same 
type of jewelry on eBay
but then it actually costs more ...
This is what I ordered:

8 ( 4 pairs )
of fake spirals,
all 8mm.

And 2 ( 1 pair )
of fake spikes:
I paid only
and I did not
have to pay
any shipping cost!

I've had it pretty hard lately,
 and have felt really bad & low.

 I have a cat that is
 not really healthy,
 but hopefully he is
going to get better now. 
He has even been
sneezing blood poor thing..! 
However, I believe that he
has become allergic to the cat food,
 so I changed back to
 what my cats ate earlier, 
and he seems to be feeling
 better now (fingers crossed). 

I myself have also become
 feverish with a cold, 
which is actually some kind
 of "normality" for me, 
since I have ME / CFS, 
but right now I feel 
however EXTRA poorly.

Most worried though,
 I have of course been
for my beloved cat. 
The problem is that he
refuses to go into the pet carrier, 
I bought another
one with a lid at the top, 
but it was really just crap,
cause he could get out of it 
on his own through an
even smaller lid at the top, 
which is really only intended to
pat & calm the animal by reaching down a hand.
 So now I think I will buy a large cage
 of metal instead, and hope that he accepts it.
 He will be 14 this year, and sooner
 or later I will have to take him to the vet.
I dread that day...


Jenny Minerva


VioletteVodka said...

I'm so sorry about your cat. My cat is almost 14 years old and I worry about her, too. Is there a chance he has an upper respiratory infection or a cold? If you can find some cat treats with L-Lysine, that might help him feel better. When mine start to sneeze and cough, I give them those and it seems to help clear it up faster.

Gothic Minerva said...

Thanks for your advice, he's feeling a little better now, but he still sometimes sneeze. I actually think that it is just a really bad cold. I'll try to give him a kind of nose drops containing saline, but if that does not help then I'll probably get something called Enisyl F (with L-Lysine), which I found in an online store. So thanks for the tip :)