Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Nail polish jewelry DIY!

Through the years
 I have collected 
lots of jewelry, too many!
So, yesterday when I was
gathering stuff to give
to a charity shop,
I also looked through my jewelry. 
Many of them, 
I did not really wanted anymore,
but there was some
that I liked the design of, 
but not the color ...
so I simply painted on these
 jewelry with nail polish ..!
I used only black and
 burgundy this time,
but I'll try to find 
some stylish purple too.

These where just 
silver & green from the beginning.
I´m sorry for that I didn´t take any

These where more golden before...

This one had turqoise  stones...

This one had plain rhinestones...
(My real name is Jenny,
that´s what the "J" is for)

And this one was,
green, orange 
and purple...

This one had 
another kind of red,
and golden wings.

The earrings I am wearing today
where orange before...

This one was just like
the cherry earrings,
silver and green.

And finally,
this one was 
in some 
 purple shade.


What do you think?


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