Monday, 19 January 2015

Welcome to my new blog!

So this is my first post
on my new blog! 

I want to start by saying, 
that you are most welcome here,

 Earlier I blogged under 
the name Jema Rose,
 that blog was maybe primarily intended 
as a blog about interior design, 
and a very colorful one indeed..! 

But since I hardly ever 
got any comments on the blog, 
 I felt that now I have
 to start something new instead, 
and so I am starting this blog which I named 
"Gothic Minerva". 

The blog will,
 as surely the name suggests, 
be dealing mostly about
 all sorts of Gothic things, 
such as clothing, shoes,
 jewelry, hair, music, movies, etc. 

I hope that you will enjoy your stay
 here and feel free to comment!



Riitta Sinikka said...

♥Good luck to new blog♥♥

Gothic Minerva said...

Thank you my friend ♥