Saturday, 31 January 2015

Leopard Print...

I found this
with leopard print
on eBay yesterday,
and I felt that I
just had to have it!

I have always had a
soft spot for 
leopard print...

I paid about
swedish crowns 
for it.


Friday, 30 January 2015

Red & Purple...

I don´t always
 wear black,
I do like to wear
color as well..!

A Swedish store
has a sale 
at the moment,
and this weekend
they have an 
extra 30%
on the sale! time!

I am getting this:

A purple winter jacket,
 swedish crowns
was 299:-

velvet leggings!!!
was 199:-

Pajamas shorts,
but I will use them
over leggings..!
was 99:-
A purple top
with lace
was 99:-
And these 
red pants!
was 299:-

So all
and NO
shipping cost!

I wish you all a lovely weekend!


Thursday, 29 January 2015

Spider web...

I bought some cheap
fake spider spider web
on eBay,
thought that it might 
look good in my new

I am getting one in black,
and one in purple...

Not sure about how big they are though...


Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Skull scarf...

I bought 
this scarf
on eBay,
but I am going 
to use it as a


Tuesday, 27 January 2015

For my home...

As I have mentioned before,
my home is VERY colorful,
but I am going to make a
corner of my home 
more goth/halloween-like.

I have decided to use
these colors:

In Sweden we 
have a store
called RUSTA,
and these are some stuff
I might buy there:

A beautiful black lampshade.
(Update, they didn´t have the lampshades...
so I will try to find another one in black,)

A pack of 5 coat hangers.

A dark grey shower curtain,
but I will use it as a
curtain in front of a door.

I might just buy a set with
2 leopard print boxes..!
(Update, they didn´t have these either...)

And on eBay
I think I will buy these:

Some black washi tape,
that looks like lace.

A black lace mask
for my mannequin head.

This tiny box looks cute.

I am also thinking
of buying some
artificial black or purple roses
to put in a vase!



Monday, 26 January 2015

Faux leather skirts...

I just bought 
2 skirts on eBay.

The price was 
about 40 swedish crowns each,
so it was very cheap, 
I just hope that the 
quality is not
THAT cheap..!

I am getting one
in burgundy:

Sexy New Womens Black Red Faux Leather Mini Skirt High Waist Pleated Skater
And of course...
one in black:
Sexy New Womens Black Red Faux Leather Mini Skirt High Waist Pleated Skater

When I get them 
I will take some 
photos of them
so that you
can see what
they really
look like!


I live in a tiny 
cottage with just ONE room,
in my parents garden.
And my home is at the 
moment VERY colorful,
but I have a divided space
that I intend to make
more Goth/Halloween/Victorian,
so that I will be able to take
some nice photos for you!

I am thinking,
black, white, grey,
dark purple, burgundy
types of colors.

Might take a while
until I can get it all done,
cause I suffer from 
so much pain,
and I am mostly 
very tired...
I have several 
such as 
It is very frustrating
when I want to do so much,
but I have not 
the energy for it...


Thursday, 22 January 2015

I am incorrigible...

Yet again...
I have been doing 
some more shopping
on eBay...

This time 
I bought this
black ear cuff
with crosses:


And a 
really cute
with a big 
cat print.

This one will look
great with my 
high waisted 
black jeans!

(eBay shopaholic)

Second Hand Shopping...

Yesterday I went shopping
at a second hand store
that in the end of every month
has a 50% discount
on everything!

This is what I bought:

A winter coat that
 is probably vintage,
I paid only 50 swedish crowns..!
And I totally love this coat!!!

I also bought 2 cardigans,
that are oversized,
but I really love that,
they are so comfy!

 I paid 30:-
 for the purple 
 for the black one.

I found this short sleeved
blazer in black & silver,
and it fits me perfectly!
I got it for as little as

This denim skirt 
will look great
over a pair of leggings!
I paid 15:- for it..!


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Goth jumpsuit...

I just bought 
this short
black jumpsuit
 in denim
on eBay,
it costs about
100 swedish crowns,
and will look great
in the summer!

Might not 
look very goth 
in these photos,
but I think it will 
with the correct 



Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Some more eBay finds...

A thin 
black cardigan
to protect my 
sensitive skin
in the summer:


And 2 tank tops!


Bargain T-shirts!

Today I went shopping
at a Swedish store
called EKO:-

I found these 2 T-shirts
for only 10 Swedish
crowns each..!

 Since I have lost 22 kilos,
I am now able to
 wear size small
in tops!



Monday, 19 January 2015

eBay finds!

I love 
 at eBay!

It is so cheap!!!

Cute dress with pirate skulls!

Leggings with Baphomet
and inverted cross.

Skull leggings.

Some stuff I bought earlier:

Another really cute dress!

Skeleton/bones leggings.

And a fishnet top.


Welcome to my new blog!

So this is my first post
on my new blog! 

I want to start by saying, 
that you are most welcome here,

 Earlier I blogged under 
the name Jema Rose,
 that blog was maybe primarily intended 
as a blog about interior design, 
and a very colorful one indeed..! 

But since I hardly ever 
got any comments on the blog, 
 I felt that now I have
 to start something new instead, 
and so I am starting this blog which I named 
"Gothic Minerva". 

The blog will,
 as surely the name suggests, 
be dealing mostly about
 all sorts of Gothic things, 
such as clothing, shoes,
 jewelry, hair, music, movies, etc. 

I hope that you will enjoy your stay
 here and feel free to comment!