Friday, 30 October 2015

Blessed Samhain/Happy Halloween!

I wish you all
a lovely weekend!

Jenny Minerva

Friday, 23 October 2015

A Pastel Halloween..?

that works just
fine to me!

: )

 No, that is not a Yule Tree,
it is my pagan "Altar Tree".

 "God & Goddesses"...
 I have painted everything myself.

 Silver glitter bats in the tree!

 I painted this frame yesterday,
and put an angel ballerina in it.
 A "Victorian" porcelain boot
I have painted and decorated
with some glitter glue.

I even painted
 my cauldron..!
but it is still black
on the inside...

I hope you all will have
a lovely weekend!

Jenny Minerva

Monday, 19 October 2015


I am getting some DVD´s
from a shop called

I picked these 5 movies,
I only have to pay for 1 though...
that I am getting one secret
bonus DVD..!

I only have to buy 
1 more movie
for a full price,
so I am saving 
a lot of money
on this deal!

: )

Jenny Minerva

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Health Update...

2 weeks after my CT Scan,
I got a letter from my doctor,
who wrote that they didn´t 
find anything that did not
look normal!

Good news of course...
BUT it does not take
away my symptoms 
and problems with
my poor tummy...

It also seems that I
(as usual)
have to find the reason
for my health issues

Some say that the
health care in 
Sweden is 
SO fantastic...
but I do NOT!!!

The next step for me
is to try a medicine
that contains enzymes.

This is the one that
I will buy:

It contains 10 enzymes,
that will hopefully
 help my stomach
to digest the food better.

I am really hoping 
that this will work!

And if it does...
perhaps I can start
calling myself a 

Jenny Minerva

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Rosary x 3

I needed some 
pretty rosaries
to hang on my
 Madonna & Jesus statues,
and found these on eBay.

They will look lovely
with all the other 
pastel colors in my home!

I will remove
 the crucifixes,
and put some pentacles
on them instead...
cause I am after all

I only paid about
10 Swedish crowns
each for them..!

Jenny Minerva

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Rose Heads...

I just bought
30 rose heads
in this pretty

Some of them 
will decorate
my white 
Yule tree!

Jenny Minerva

Friday, 9 October 2015

Have a lovely weekend!

Just wanted to wish you all
a really good weekend!

Hugs & Blessings,
Jenny Minerva

Wooden "Piggy Bank" Houses...

Found these 
on eBay,
and I bought 2.

I will try to make 
them look like
those cute
Yule houses 
I have seen on 

Will paint 
them with
pastel colors,
and add some 
glitter for them
to sparkle!

This picture gives you
a better idea of the size:

Jenny Minerva

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Rose Garlands + Septum Hanger

I just bought
4 rose garlands
on eBay.

I am getting:

I have also bought
one more 
septum hanger:

Jenny Minerva

Sunday, 4 October 2015

CT Scan update + Cute Stuff + World Animal Day

So, I had the 
CT Scan on Friday,
and it was 

To get air injected
 in the buttocks 
with a high pressure 
of carbon dioxide 
caused me an extreme pain
 in the stomach, 
so bad in fact that
 I almost passed out... 
so I'm glad it's over, 
and hope that I will get 
the result SOON.

But now to something nicer!
 I may be Goth in my heart & soul,
 but I really can not resist things
 that are sweet and cute.
 But one need not exclude the other, 
one can actually love both styles.

Here are some stuff I really
love on eBay at the moment:

These tiny rabbits
comes in packs of 5:




Cute music boxes
(with battery)
I would change
the red stone though...

Rose garland
with fairy lights

Glow in the dark stars.




Cute pink
heart curtains.

Cute necklace.

Ice Cream bag!

Mini Macaroon boxes!
I actually just bought these,
there are 6 in a pack,
in 6 different colors.

Rose garland.


Today is 
World Animal Day!!!

In Sweden it is also 
Cinnamon Bun Day,
not so important I think...

Here is a photo
of my dear cat
& friend

This was taken when my home
was WAY more colorful..!

Miró actually kissed me
in my face today,
that has never happened before....
and he is 13 years old,,.

SO sweet I think,
made me 
really happy,
bless him!

Jenny Minerva